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 Music & Poetry Samples 
"With an outstanding and beautiful First Lady beside him, and a lovely family rallying behind; This President is poised for another term in office for the good of all mankind."
River City Tour 
Original Poetic Expressions
"Like torchbearers along the river "Dan" we take our stand to oversee the revival of trade. We're under the umbrella of unquestionable resolve; nothing can rain on our parade. As custodians of change, we take pride in our efforts to create River City district appeal.  We remain historic, that we won't conceal, but we also highlight what the future will reveal."
"Danville is a famed city of churches
Where we can congregate and worship the Lord
From location to location we're all in celebration
Of a Salvation that puts us on a sweet accord" 
Rev Ronald D. Clarke Sr.
Songwriter/Lead Vocalist

Tamara Clarke
Background Vocalist

Rev. Ronald D. Clarke Jr.

Carlton Hartis of River City Recording
Other Instrumentals

River City Recording Studio - Danville, Virginia 
The song River City Tour was produced in November 2012 highlighting  Danville Virginia's River District, its current revitalization efforts and what the future holds for the area.  Its smooth  tones evokes memories of downtown's glory days both past and present while providing easy listening to its melody.