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"Divinely Implanted Thoughts from the Heavenly Treasure Chest"
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Rev. Ronald Clarke Sr
At a young age, Rev. Clarke discovered his passion for writing and was recognized for  his submission to a state poetry contest.   Clarke continued his love of composing through 
songwriting, and poetic expression.  Using his work to provide inspirational uplift to those he has encountered.  Rev. Clarke's background is one that has taken him on many spiritual  and life journeys including his call into the ministry in 1984.  Clarke's compassion for others & the community extends with his volunteer efforts including the local Boys & Girls  Clubs and a former member of the Danville Riverview Rotary Club.  
Rev. Clarke's vision is to continue to use his gift of writing to reach the hearts of many.  
About Us
11 & 1 Productions was founded by Rev. Ronald Dean Clarke Sr. in January 2013 to use his gift of writing through song and prose along with providing other customized services for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and much more.   

Family-owned and operated in Danville, Virginia,  11 & 1 Productions offers a unique service of poetic writing, advertising jingles for businesses, community empowerment events, writers showcases, music artist promotions, songwriting, video announcements for weddings & engagements, memorial dvds, engagements, and other custom services. 
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We're Committed to touching lives through inspirational writing
Tamara Clarke 
Creative Services Director 
Tamara brings a wealth of knowledge, motivational writing talent, and 8 years of leadership expertise  to 11&1 Productions.  Diverse not only in creating inspirational poetry, quotes, & songwriting, Tamara's background includes web design, social media marketing, voice over work, and  as a classical violinist.  Over the years, Tamara has used her writing to give encouragement to others. Tamara continues to expand upon her  skills through her work on several projects.
Rev. Ronald Clarke Jr
Office Manager  
Rev. Clarke's leadership and organizational skills obtained through his 7 years of service in the United States Armed Forces provides 11&1 Productions with a strong and unique administrative management foundation.  In 2006, Clarke's path led him to accept his call into the ministry and with this calling  has used his gift of prophetic writing to inspire individuals from all walks of life.  Clarke continues his mission to provide spiritual guidance through composition.